General Construction Details

Clear Span Roof Trusses:

All our sheds roof trusses are clear span roof trusses and are fully welded for maximum strength.

Truss to Column Connection:

Steel plates are welded to the end of the roof truss which then bolts to the column.  The shed column also has added strength by using a steel backing plate on the inside of the column plus two extra stiffener plates, all fully welded into place.

Top Quality BHP Galvanised Steel:

We only use top quality BHP Galvanised C section on all our shed frames.  All roof and wall purlins are 75mm C/purlin which is then bolted to the trusses and columns.  6m wide sheds use 150mm C/purlin trusses and columns, 7.5 and 9m side sheds use 200mm C/purlin trusses and columns and 12m wide sheds use 250mm C/purlin trusses and columns.

Door and window options:

As we custom manufacture you have the choice of what type of doors you would like in your shed – sliding or roller or both.  Along with windows and personal access doors we allow you the flexibility of choice of quantity and location in your shed.

All of our sliding and roller doors etc. have flashings on all sides of openings.  Our sliding doors are manufactured in our Mildura workshop and we only use quality nylon door rollers and nylon door guides.  We only use top quality B and D brand roller doors that are sourced locally.  As are all of our glass sliding doors and windows, with our windows you also have the option of many different sizes and styles (if required) .  All roller doors have extra framework on each side and above for added support and strength.

Why not come and see us today and view our displays to see the quality for yourself.

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